New extradition rule is going to ruin HK

100% Extradite-to-China Guarantee

Why HK government propose this rule?

1) A HK girl Poon Hiu-wing was killed by her boyfriend Chan Tong-kai in Taiwan.
2) Chan stole Poon’s belongings, flew back HK and withdraw money from her bank account.
3) He can only be sent to jail for his stealing actions but not due to murdering, because there is no diplomatic recognition and judicial agreements between Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Why extradition legislation concerning Taiwan would lead to extradition to China?

Because HK government

How does this matter to you?

What can you do to stop the legislation of this new rule?

Sign the petition on US "We the people" petition website

Sign 1 more petition on US "We the people" petition website to stop HK government officials from immigration to US!

Sign the petition on

Share this webpage to people you know, forums you browse, etc. You may also start a partition to urge the parliament of your country / city to debate it.

I hereby give thanks to your kind attention for all HK citizens opposing this legislation.